Podiatry / Chiropodist

The ankle is a complex joint and there are numerous causes of pain here. From Achilles inflammation or rupture through to fracture and arthritis to name a few commonly seen causes of ankle pain. Regardless of age ankle pain is a commonly seen condition. Trauma to the ankle can lead to fracture or tendinitis. Equally underlying medical conditions such as gout and diabetes can cause ankle pain.

Structured examination and assessment of the ankle joints range of movement helps to identify the cause of ankle pain.

At Gold Standard we offer a number of treatments and therapies to reduce ankle pain and reinstate a good range of movement. From Shockwave Therapy to Focussed Electromagnetic Therapy our treatments offer a cutting edge approach to managing ankle pain.

We also offer biomechanical assessment, rehabilitative strengthening and or footwear advice.


Podiatry / Chiropodist

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We always striving to provide the Gold Standard quality of care for all foot problems and to provide the most advanced practical treatment options.


Me and my son have been visiting Louise at the Leyland centre for a number of years. My son has had overall approx 6 nail surgery procedures with Louise and she is so darn good at making my son at ease and also myself! Louise has been a god send as I literally would be lost without her. Louise is knowledgeable and amazing! Thank you Louise and the team - amazing service, help, guidance and a welcoming environment. If you need any work on your feet - Gold Standard Foot-care is the place to go without a doubt.

Kel B

I have been seeing Louise for a complex muscle wasting disease for nearly a year now. She has been helping to reduce pain in my back, shoulder and neck area. This week I had the muscle building treatment and I can honestly say that my posture is so much better and I can now lift my arms without any pain. I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Thank you so much Louise.

Julie B

Today I had a long overdue ingrowing toenail issue resolved with Gold Standard footcare. Louise was a a brilliant example of a professional that takes pride in their work and made the whole procedure painless and relaxing. As a person that has had a previously bad experience on the NHS that left me worried about the procedure I can assure anyone going for nail surgery that with Gold Standard footcare you have nothing to worry about and the experience will be pain free and quick. Thank you Louise.

Steven R