Life as a Podiatrist

Louise Stuart MBE- Meet the TeamOur Managing Director, Louise Stuart MBE has recently been working with Salford University promoting podiatry as a career path.  Louise has provided the background to how her career as a  Podiatrist has evolved over the years:

My career as a Podiatrist began 37 years ago. I joined the profession as someone who wanted to make a difference in a career within health care. At that point I had no idea the path I would be put upon throughout my career within Podiatry. Firstly, I began my career within the NHS, and then became an academic at the University of Salford.  Subsequently, I was then headhunted for a Consultant post at North Manchester Hospital. I passionately loved every moment of my work as a Consultant. From the clinical face to face treatment of patients to the reduction in amputation rates. Additionally, the enhancement of people’s lives that myself and my team had impacted upon.  

I then moved into the private sector and the results my team and I have collectively experienced have been transformational. Gold Standard Foot and Leg clinics has transformed from foot and ankle specialists to lower limb specialists. 

Additionally, I am extremely proud of my team and the outcomes. Working within the private sector offers a variety of patients experiencing a variety of lower limb conditions ranging in complexity. I am thrilled by the daily feedback we receive from patients.”  Finally, I am over the moon to witness the daily impact we have had on our patients throughout their journeys with Gold Standard Foot and Leg Clinics. 

Careers In Podiatry

If you were to become a Podiatrist, you’ll assist patients with a variety of mobility problems, help to reduce pain, and the treatment of infections in the lower legs and feet. You will assist patients with a range of problems, including:

  •  treatinAn image of a foot with Achilles tendinitisg children who are experiencing lower limb pain or injury.
  • patients presenting with complex health issues who may be diabetic and need appropriate podiatry care to reduce the risk of amputations.
  • rehabilitate patients who are suffering from lower limb conditions or injury and allow them to enjoy sporting activities pain free. 
  • perform nail surgery on patients with ingrown toe nails
  • carry out a vascular assessment for a patient suffering
    with circulatory issues orvaricose veins.